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Since 1979, families have trusted Tim Stewart Funeral Home to serve and care for their loved ones. We promise to provide excellence in service and compassion during this difficult time of loss. Our experienced and dedicated staff can guide you in determining which service is appropriate for suiting your family's needs. We are committed to arranging a funeral that is most befitting to your loved one, and we strive to celebrate their life in a meaningful way.

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Please know there is a SCAM being perpetrated on grieving families.  The SCAM involves someone calling and acting like they are from a funeral home where the family is being served.  The SCAMMERS can have Caller ID show they are calling from the funeral home.  This practice is called spoofing.  They then make up an additional charge and say the family needs to pay this additional charge, and they ask for a credit card number.  In general, please never give out a credit card number to someone calling you.  If you think the charge is legitimate, hang up, and call the agency or business directly.  Never use the phone number that is given to you from the person that called you.  Look up the agency or businesses phone number yourself and call them back directly.  You can then ask about any charges.Please know that Tim Stewart Funeral Home will never call you for billing information over the phone.  We will never ask for credit card information over the phone.  If someone calls you asking for this information it is a SCAM, and they are not a part of Tim Stewart Funeral Home  Please let us know if you receive any calls pretending to be from Tim Stewart Funeral Home and asking for payment. Sincerely,Tim Stewart Funeral Home

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